Meet the
Poppy Kids Team

Poppy Kids office coordinator Ashley sits smiling on a large, weathered tree trunk in a sunlit field with green grass and trees in the background.


Ashley has been immersed in dentistry from a young age, with her mother working as a dental hygienist. She has spent three years as a treatment coordinator, contributing her skills to general and pediatric dentistry practices. Outside of her professional life, Ashley enjoys watching sunsets and hosting dance parties with her children. She is particularly passionate about her role in dentistry, as she enjoys educating patients about their treatment options, explaining insurance benefits, and ensuring that they feel confident and well-cared for throughout the process.

Ashley’s favorite Disney character is Maui from "Moana," and when it comes to ice cream, she has a sweet spot for mint chip.
Poppy Kids Dental registered dental assistant Nicole stands leaning against a gnarled tree trunk in a bright, grassy field with trees casting shadows. in the background.


Boasting close to two decades of experience as a Pediatric Registered Dental Assistant (RDA), Nicole has developed a profound love for working with children in dentistry. She finds immense joy in conversing with her young patients, often amused by their humor. Beyond the confines of dental practices, Nicole has a penchant for culinary arts and adventurous hiking. She cherishes the moments spent with her daughter, making the most of their time together.

Nicole holds a special place in her heart for Belle from Disney, and she holds a special affection for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

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